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Strategy Processes

Change Management
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Strategy Processes
Strategy is based on awareness about your abilities, strengths and chances or risks of your entrepreneurial environment. We are well aware that we can not offer you the specific branch and benchmark information as big strategy consultancies like McKinsey, BSC etc. do, but we consider as our specific strength to provide strategy finding processes in which you will be enabled to activate your own valuable knowledge and visions, which is latent in the heads of your people.

Strategy finding and defining
Our main assumptions about strategies are:

  • It is important to get rid of cognitive barriers, to free minds towards “radical” strategic choices, which might be exactly the right choices for you. To often executives stick on decisions of the past that detain better ways.
  • By coming in to the phase of defining Strategies, an execution approach has to become clear; otherwise the risk of non realistic and not accepted planning will be high.

Implementing Strategy
Most of strategy executions fail!
Often the reasons are not really accepted strategies or a poor implementation plan and procedure. For both, to receive higher commitment and develop practical and pragmatic operationalizations of strategies we believe that it is valuable to gain ownership. Management and workforce should early get involved during the exploration phase and until converting strategies into operation plans.

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