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Strategy Processes
Change Management
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Organisation is a central strategic discipline.
A company's strategic options are largely defined by its organizational capabilities: The flexibility of its organisation, the quality and commitment of its people, the coordination ability towards tasks and projects. Designing and implementing adequate organizations are central tasks of senior executives.

People and coordination instruments
The organisation of an enterprise gives the entire action frameworks for cooperation within its borders and with customers and suppliers. It is all about channelling activities towards common goals. We call this coordination and it can be achieved by diverse regulations like structures, like common defined and agreed processes, like project management or agreements with customers and suppliers, like SLA.

We help our clients to create a genuine understanding of the real issues while facing organisations.

We work collaboratively in creating a unique participative process to develop effective organisations.

Superficial diagnoses of organisation issues are a common pitfall of senior management. Our various diagnosis methods involve people of all levels. We believe that the staff has deep knowledge about potentials and problems of their system. The management only holds a part of the puzzle.

The way we set up diagnosis Process initiates understanding, thinking and interacting. It marks the beginning of a controlled organisational development process.
Management- Systems
Quality Management, Project Management and all other Management Systems are Elements of the Entire Organisational Framework. The development of those suitable to your Company is something we are experienced in.

We do not do this on our own; we have learned that people wouldn’t feel committed to it. We help to design the development process which we facilitate and we smoothly bring in our expertise.
Business Processes
Awareness and common understanding of the processes of a company is essential and often missing.

We are a business partner of iGrafx, the leader in providing delivering Business Process Analysis solutions.
Interface Management
Diagnoses of disturbances between service providers and customers (external / internal).
Development of programs for a lasting improvement in business relations under participation of the management and a part of the employees. Mostly applied where interfaces of several departments of the enterprises are involved in a complex workflow, e.g. IT-service provider and Customer. If needed we help on SLA (Service Level Agreements).

The real and practical issues of Leadership are:
1. To give clear mission and priorities
2. Provide a code of behaviour and way of working.
3. Ability to pass mission, priorities and code of behaviour down through all levels of leaderhip in a company.

We facilitate all executive institutions, individually and on team level to help them identify those 3 leadership issues.

The challenge is to achieve as fast as possible the desired efficiency of operating. At the beginning of its assignment a team deals with 2 topics, either consciously or unconsciously.
a) Constitutive clarifications should be carried out explicitly; they provide important prerequisites for operability.
b) Getting clarity and consensus on objectives, tasks and resources is also essential.

In many cases a “pit stop” of a team or organisational unit to provide a check and adjustment of operations can be valuable.

Project management
Research studies show that Project management is deeply ailing. We believe that the reasons lay in a very superficial interpretation of it. We believe that to be successful with PM you have to understand that it is a part of the organisation, it is not simply a tool box as often misunderstood. So if you seriously apply Project management it will have impact on the rest of the system. The issue is how to connect line management and projects!

Project Reviews
are diagnosis processes of projects in phases where projects seem to stuck.

Also often after the end of a Project, in order to identify critical issues, to evaluate their impact on the project and accordingly to develop recommendations for future projects.

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