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Strategy Processes
Change Management
Personal Coaching

About us
DR. ROUBANIS ASSOCIATES is a niche management consultancy.

What we do
train people in our core competencies.

Our issues
Change Management
internal Communication.

The way we work
We develop collaboratively with our clients unique processes with well defined results which we jointly achieve.

Guiding idea
To create independently developing organisations, which do not need further support.

Distinctive characteristics
Hard + soft facts!
Reality in organisational projects is always a mixture of processual-stuctural aspects on one hand und peoples aspects on the other. Therefore it is essential to equally respect both.
We have competencies and project experiences as well in classic management issues as process management, organisation und strategy are, as we have in psychologically determined issues.
Engaging people
Our ability to engage people is what we consider as our best.
We are multicultural and act in many countries.

We are small and flexible.

In 2002 Savvas Roubanis (Dipl.-Kfm.) took the lead of DR. ROUBANIS ASSOCIATE over, after years of management experiences in the industrial and consulting sectors. Before, he joined the company as a consultant and a junior consultant (1992 - 1998 and during his studies) .

Dr. Nikolas S. Roubanis founded in the seventies the advising Company DR. ROUBANIS associates. Nikolas Roubanis studied in Göttingen und in Innsbruck and was lecturer of the university of Fribourg in Swiss, where he received PhD honours. Before founding he has had numerous management and public office appointments.

In the early years the focus was on restructuring private and public owned corporations. Since then we developed continuously a set of tools based on experiences in how organisations can improve.



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